Thursday, 6 February 2014

Max Keiser’s ‘MaxCoin’ to Debut as Newest Bitcoin Alternative

Max Keiser’s ‘MaxCoin’ to Debut as Newest Bitcoin Alternative


 Another day, another altcoin — alternative to bitcoin — is launching. That may or may not be an overstatement, but the cryptocurrency community welcomes new altcoins for its mining, trading and speculative opportunities.

MaxCoin is the first celebrity altcoin created by a journalist/bitcoin advocate. Max Keiser is a cryptocurrency financial journalist and host of RT’s Keiser Report. He is not shy about railing against mainstream financial giants for their misdeeds, especially since the financial crisis.
“If regulators think BTC  is problematic, they are about to face their worst nightmare; a currency based on dissent and empowerment #Maxcoin“– Tweeted Keiser Wednesday.
In that regard, it is fitting that Keiser get his own altcoin. After all, he has raged against central bankers — and peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies amount to the ultimate revenge against centralized currencies.
There is much potential for MaxCoin, with some reports predicting a $20 million market cap in its first month. But it has significant competition. has 87 altcoins listed behind bitcoin.
However, Keiser has a big web following and MaxCoin could take off like Dogecoin, which has soared in popularity in a matter of weeks. Dogecoin is No. 6 with a $56 million market cap.
MaxKeiserTV has 39,000 subscribers. His “personal” twitter account has over 91,000 followers and the Maxcoin “official” twitter account – @maxcoinproject –  already has over 5,000 followers.
“An alternative cryptocurrency disrupting the already rather disrupting crypto market,” reads the Twitter account.
MaxCoin won’t officially launch until tonight.


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